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Healthy People not Healthy Profits



Our Vision

To be the leader in reforming healthcare by offering preventative wellness through education and affordable diagnostic testing on a person’s own terms.  Having control is inspiring and allows a person to make better choices in their health care needs so they can live a long happy life!


What We Do Differently


Customized Solutions

At Impact Health Labs, our scientists are fully maximizing the potential of the most advanced technologies to deliver the most accurate data needed by physicians.


Improved Patient Care

It all begins with having access to on-site technical staff. Fewer blood draws are required through precise testing methods and the results provide a comprehensive map of overall patient’s health.


Better Results

At Impact Health Labs we are reforming industry standards by implementing a robust approach that brings scientifically proven results to the patient. These results are unparalleled in the industry.

Currently some of the tests offered on the market are not what physicians would typically order and are used for research purposes only. At Impact Health Labs, we will ONLY offer tests that have the following attributes:

  1. Clinically relevant tests -There are many laboratories in the market that focus on reducing costs and selling non-typical fluid testing. Unfortunately, the test lacks historical data and therefore cannot be used reliably, in fact often times the data obtained is for research purposes only and not for main stream. So the natural question is; if you cant trust the results, what good is it?

  2. The tests are the same tests ordered by physicians -We feel this to be crucially important, so that your physician may use the results to determine your diagnosis and treatment plans.
  3. Historical data -More data = Gold Standard of Testing. At Impact Health Labs, we only perform Gold Standard Testing… No gimmicks. 

When you order from us, you are helping to reform healthcare. Every test ordered through us helps us combat the rising costs of healthcare. At Impact Health Labs, our strategy is to drive down costs, NOT raise them. Our goal is to make wellness panel of tests to cost the same as a co-payment at your physicians office and is typically significantly lower than most deductibles.

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