Who We Are


Our Story:

We are a group of scientists with 100+ combined years of experience in clinical diagnostic testing. Our plan from the beginning was to leverage our knowledge of science and successfully build a clinical diagnostic testing laboratory. Upon experiencing the inherent issues between private insurance companies, physician offices and laboratories, and how it negatively affects people’s lives; we decided to make an IMPACT for the people. After much collaboration and planning, we knew we could lead the way in reforming healthcare for ALL.

We decided preventive care is the best medicine, a proactive approach to healthcare. Countless number of studies have shown that healthy proactive choices will significantly contribute to living a long healthy life. Thus, our plan is simple; offer clinically relevant tests, following the gold standards of clinical diagnostic testing in an easy to read report, at an affordable price. Furthermore, we believe educating people on  test results and how to make corrections is critical at prevention of more serious ailments. We believe this empowerment for people will ultimately, positively IMPACT their lives.

Our business plan is to force commoditization of the healthcare industry; where the price of a preventative wellness will become the cost of co-payments, and our goal is to lower our prices more and more. Furthermore, our plan with our partnerships will help lower insurance premiums. We believe a business strategy is what must drive towards reforming healthcare not the government and certainly not any publicly traded company.

Every diagnostic tests purchased through Impact Health Labs, is a step closer to reforming healthcare. Help us, Help Americans.

Mission Statement:

Offering only clinically relevant tests so people can become their own ambassador to better health and well-being.

Vision Statement:

To be the leader in reforming healthcare by offering preventative wellness through education and affordable diagnostic testing on a person’s own terms.  Having control is inspiring and allows a person to make better choices in their health care needs so they can live a long happy life!

Core Values:

1.     Leadership- The courage to reform healthcare.

2.     Integrity- Always be honest, open, ethical and genuine.

3.     Collaboration- Leverage partnerships to reach more people.

4.     Imaginative- Be creative in your approach and don’t question what you are capable of.

5.     Flexibility – Adapt, be nimble to overcome obstacles. 

6.     Teamwork- Value each other and work together.

7.     Results- Set goals and achieve them.

Currently some of the tests offered on the market are not what physicians would typically order and are used for research purposes only. At Impact Health Labs, we will ONLY offer tests that have the following attributes:

  1. Clinically relevant tests -There are many laboratories in the market that focus on reducing costs and selling non-typical fluid testing. Unfortunately, the test lacks historical data and therefore cannot be used reliably, in fact often times the data obtained is for research purposes only and not for main stream. So the natural question is; if you cant trust the results, what good is it?
  2. The tests are the same tests ordered by physicians -We feel this to be crucially important, so that your physician may use the results to determine your diagnosis and treatment plans.
  3. Historical data -More data = Gold Standard of Testing. At Impact Health Labs, we only perform Gold Standard Testing… No gimmicks. 

When you order from us, you are helping to reform healthcare. Every test ordered through us helps us combat the rising costs of healthcare. At Impact Health Labs, our strategy is to drive down costs, NOT raise them. Our goal is to make wellness panel of tests to cost the same as a co-payment at your physicians office and is typically significantly lower than most deductibles.