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Impact Health Labs offers the gold standard of diagnostic testing onsite at your gym, organization, church or establishment. Our scientists and certified phlebotomists will give you a personal one-on-one consultation and set up the right panel of tests for you. Testing will take place in the comfort of your establishment, with the environment you are most comfortable at. Schedule your time today, our team is available 7 days a week.

Here is what you get:

Each participant will receive the gold standard diagnostic test. This includes a blood draw, consultation and an easy to read report at the minimal cost of $65 a panel.  The charge for such a panel that your physician sends to other laboratories, typically bills your insurance around $500-$2000 for the exact same tests performed, which only costs $2-$40 to run. The health insurance companies transfer these costs back to you in the way of monthly premiums.

Which panel is right for you?

16 hormone panel: This panel determines your actual hormone balance. Hormone balance is important in men and women.  In men, learning what is going on with hormones could be a pre-curser to test in correct places.

 In women your menstrual cycle causes your hormones to fluctuate so the pre-curser proper balance is critical for estrogen and progesterone.  

It could also determine why you are gaining weight even though you are living a healthy lifestyle.

So, why should you get this test? If your concerns involve weight gain, fatigue, nausea, poor sleep, bone density, cysts and breast and ovarian cancers.

Heart, Lung and Kidney panel: This panel will determine the macros-nutrients (fats, proteins and carbs), omega three intake, toxicity or any medications and overall efficiency of three overall organs, heart, liver and kidney. The results are based on your genetics, level of activity and your macro consumption. Determine what is ideal for you.

Diabetes panel: This panel determines blood glucose, insulin and vitamin B-12 levels. The results will show you if you are heading into type 2 diabetes through insulin resistance. Symptoms of diabetes is nerve pain or poor circulation. If you want to achieve peak performance or weight loss this will insure your liver is providing the necessary glucose levels and if your metabolism is efficient for weight loss.

Thyroid panel: This panel will tell you where you are lacking in proper thyroid hormone development. Your metabolism and fatigue may be determining your weight. This is critical because every cell in your body requires the active form of your thyroid hormone t3.

Protein binding hormone panel: This panel determines whether the calcium uptake is efficient and or deficient. SHBG and albumin determine how much protein binding sex steroids you have. PSA determines prostate health in men only. FSH determines or is a marker for PCOS and overall women’s menstrual cycle health. We do not offer free testosterone testing in this panel.

Vitamins and minerals panel: This panel determines electrolyte balance. Having elevated electrolytes can increase potential for toxicity hepatitis to the liver and or increase cardiac risk.  It can also determine if you’re headed toward kidney failure or gout.

Why this is important:

These partnerships were created upon experiencing the inherent issues between private insurance companies, physician offices and laboratories, and how it negatively affects people’s lives and continues to increase the cost of premiums. By helping your members get tested, you will effectively contribute to improving people’s longevity while decreasing the cost of insurance premiums.

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