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Promotional for 2019:

Purchase of all 6 panels at $300 ($90 savings) and get an additional $50 credit at your gym (net $140 savings)

Please check with your gym on programs, merchandise or services you may use for the credit. Once the credit is given to your gym in your name, the responsibility of the credit belongs to you and your gym. The credit is only valid at the gym where your blood was drawn.

Impact Health Labs is void of all responsibility regarding the credit.


Impact Health Labs will be taking blood samples for testing at these locations.

T3 Cross-training

January 26th from 8am to 11 am - Missouri City, Texas

Crossfit Elevate

January 26th from 7am to 11am - Katy, Texas

Crossfit Annihilation

January 26th from 6am to 11am - Katy, Texas

Streamline Fitness

February 2nd from 7am to 11am - Cedar Park, Texas

Grand Mesa Crossfit

February 9th from 8am to 11am - Leander, Texas

Crossfit Austin

February 9th from 7am to 11am - Austin, Texas

Crossfit Luna

February 16th from 7am to 11am - Dallas, Texas

Maximum 3 Crossfit

February 23rd from 7am to 11am - Buda, Texas

1420 Crossfit

March 2nd from 8am to 11am - Katy, Texas

Crossfit Gonzstrong

March 2nd from 7am to 11am - Katy, Texas

Tests offered: 16 Hormone Panel, Heart-Liver-Kidney Panel, Diabetes (Pre-Monitoring) Panel, Thyroid Hormone Panel, Protein Binding Hormone Panel, Minerals & Vitamins Panel

Impact Health Labs offers the same diagnostic test ordered by physicians but at a much lower cost.  Take control of your health and order your test today.

Impact Health Labs ensures that within 3-5 days you will receive your meaningful report exactly like you would receive from your doctor.

Impact Health Labs scientists provide free consultation to help you optimize your fitness goals.

Important Notes about Blood Testing: If you are signed up for a diagnostic test or ready to take your test at home just a few reminders to ensure the most accurate results report. 

  • Blood draw needs to be in the morning

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Do not eat before the blood draw

  • Do not exercise before the blood draw